Zeke Schmelzle

Certifications: NASM Personal Training Certified - CES Corrective Exercise Specialization giving specialty in muscle balancing and mobility through recognition of posture and proper movement.

9 years in industry

Zeke Schmelzle is a dynamic and dedicated fitness professional with a passion for helping people optimize their health and fitness. Born in the south and raised in North Carolina, Zeke developed a love for science and the human body from an early age. He went on to earn his Bachelors of Science in Biology at Western Carolina University with a Focus in Pre-med. He not only aquired comprehensive knowledge of the human Anatomy and Physiology but delved into the intricate realms of biochemistry and metabolism at the inter-cellular level. this foundation has augmented the groundwork for his knowledge within the Health and Wellness Industry.

Although Zeke initially embarked on a path towards medical school due to his interest in the human body, his passion for fitness steered his career trajectory in a different direction after moving to southern Oregon a half decade ago. He became the Fitness Director over several retirement communities here in the valley where he helped older adults improve their strength and mobility and overall health. With his ability to step seasoned seniors into making progress week by week Zeke quickly became known by medical professionals in the area who worked with his residents, and they knew which retirement communities they were from because of their physical fitness. His dedication to his clients and passion for health and fitness inspired him to take his career to the next stage.

He went on to earn his Corrective Exercise and Strengthening certification which specializes in muscle balancing and corrective posture, further broadening his expertise and ability to help people achieve their goals. As a Trainer he is committed to helping his clients build muscle, lose weight, and move more functionally, as well correct chronic posture issues. His passion for the human body and his drive to make a positive impact on others is what sets him apart as a leading professional in the industry. He is a true inspiration to those who work with him and those who seek his guidance, and his commitment to helping others achieve their full potential is a testament to the team he is building here at Village Fitness. He looks forward to growing Village Fitness into a Premium Health and Wellness club here in the valley that will impact the lives of thousands here in this Community.

Having a developed skillset for implementing organization and efficiency-systems and a detail-oriented mind, Zeke’s administrative acumen has proven foundational in reinforcing the base structure of how Village Fitness operates on a daily basis to serve its members. He and the entire Management team hold vision for transformaing Village Fitness into a premier Health and Wellness Club here within the Valley.

Beyond his professional achievements, Zeke’s faith plays a pivotal role in shaping his leadership approach and remains steadfast in attributing the success of Village Fitness’ growth to his team. His unwavering commitment to the members of Village Fitness and the people of this community shows in his devotion to leading with integrity and humility as a beacon to inspire being the best you each day both to his team and to the members of Village Fitness.