Joey Silva

Certifications: ISSA Personal training base cert - Has acquired certifications Specializing in Corrective Exercise - Nutrition guidance - Strength and Conditioning - and Youth Fitness

11 years in industry

Living and breathing passion every Day!

Welcome to the inspiring journey of Joey Silva, a Seasoned Veteran Fitness Professional who dedicated over two decades of his life to the art of bodybuilding and fitness. With a remarkable journey across 28 competitions thus far, Joey has continued to conquer one challenge after the next to become a true local Champion in the world of Fitness right here in the Valley!

In 2016 Joey achieved a significant milestone earning his Pro Card with ‘Inspire sports league’ accomplishing a major goal in the world of competing! With that milestone hit it only left him hungrier than before to keep winning and in 2017 he also clinched a second Pro Card with ‘Global International.’ These achievements solidify Joey’s status as a top athlete in the world of bodybuilding as he has acquired a bit more experience than from your average walk around the block!

However, what truly sets Joey apart is his commitment to paying it forward. For over a decade, he has been imparting his extensive knowledge and invaluable experience to his padawan learners. As a mentor, Joey brings the unique blend of expertise, enthusiasm, and genuine deep-rooted desire to see others find great success! He has taken the time to continue to accumulate different Certification – specialization to step into a well-rounded “Elite Fitness Coach.”

Joey’s teaching philosophy is rooted in dedication and passion. His approach goes beyond the physical aspects of fitness, delving straight into the mental and emotional aspects that contribute to a holistic transformation. Whether you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or a beginner taking the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle, Joey eagerly looks forward to being part of your next fitness transformation. Regardless if you are looking to train towards you first show, your 10th show, or just finally carve out that new sexy confident you; Bringing Joey Sylva into your corner won’t be a decision you’ll regret! With Joey by your side, the path to a healthier, happier, fitter you becomes inevitable!