November 10, 2020

We, at Village Fitness, care about your physical health and well-being and are taking great efforts to provide a safe and functional environment for you to continue in the pursuit of your health and fitness goals.  During the Covid-19 closure, Village Fitness was incredibly busy.

Here are highlights:

All the TVs that were suspended in the dumbbell area have been removed.
The intake and exhaust HVAC vents were thoroughly cleaned.
The equipment was measured out and lag bolted into the ground.
Once you make your way into the locker rooms, you will see repairs and re- grouted tiles, Corian surfaces polished, new mirror coverings installed, and updated lockers. The finishing touches in the Women’s locker room will be completed very soon.
Abundant amount of work was completed in the wet areas:

The pool and spa were drained and scrubbed/power washed.  New media/filtration system was installed which will ensures the cleanest pool water.  New pump for the spa was installed which gives us the jets all of us so badly desire.
In the sauna, a new Harvia sauna heater was installed, as well as new infra-red lamps. The wood benches, the cement under the benches and tiles were repaired. The entire room was sanded and re-stained.
The steam room was refurbished and a new steam generator was installed.
If that did not get you excited, we hope our final gem will. We know your eyes will open wide (and possibly jaws may drop) when you see the changes in the group exercise room. The exercise rig that was in the room was removed, the flooring was repaired and refinished. We installed heavy bags which is available for use outside of classes.

Temporary Covid-19 Hours of Operations
Monday – Friday:              4:30 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday:           8:00 am –  8:00 pm

As excited as we are to have you experience all the changes done in the facility, we are still required to comply with Governor Kate Brown Covid-19 mandates.

  • Mask, Face Covering or Face Shield, as defined in the guidelines, is required when entering the facility and while working out (with the exception of being inside the pool or spa).
  • Six feet (6’) physical distancing is required throughout the facility
  • The following areas remain closed from use:
    • Sauna and Steam Room
    • Kids Zone
    • Water Fountains except those designed to refill water bottles in a contact-free manner.

We are extremely excited to see you again.

Kevin Lee
Village Fitness